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案例研究代写 :网络营销的产品价格和促销

Product: The Product must be according to the customer’s needs and demands. It consists of name (brand), size, shape, features, labeling, packaging and accessories. Products are services or commodities which are offered to the customer by e-retail store Amazon. The customer must be satisfied with its aspects before buying the products from the store.
Place and Distribution: The details of the products must be available instantly by the click of a mouse. It is important to showcase the products in different sizes, designs, shapes and colors. It follows a network such as distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. In e-retailing, the organization will sell its product straight away through retailers from whom the customer can buy the goods. The customer satisfaction is an important part in e-business.
Price: Price is an important factor in e-marketing. Price depends on the demand, the cost involved in making the product, government duties, customer’s financial condition and competitor’s price for the same products. Prices also influence the revenue of the e-retail shop. If the products and services offered by the e-store are good, compared to other stores, then the customer can pay more to them. In e-retail store, single channel distribution is used such as manufacturer to retailer and finally to consumer, so the price remains low. During the introduction of the new product, the e-retail stores or organizations fixe low price to capture the market and obstruct other competitors to enter the market. Whereas in many cases such retail stores offer a high price at the introductory level to attain high end customers, who can afford to pay more. Different organizations have different objectives and act according to that strategy.
Promotion: Publicizing and promotion is an important factor in selling the products. Selling can be done either by personal selling or advertising through social networking sites, electronic media or print media. Promotion influences the customer’s buying behavior, convince them and inform them about their products and prices with discounted rates in comparison to other products offered in the online site. Sales promotion can also be possible through short term incentives or points collected for buying the products from the same e-retail site or through discount coupons. E-retail store must advertise their products through integrated message which also must have honesty. There should not be any false or misleading information about the products sold online. Prospective customers must be convinced by the messages appearing several times in the online media and such messages will also act as a reminder.