Assignment First

  本篇案例研究代写-住宅复式发展计划讲了被选中的建筑公司Adenbrook Homes已经在处理当地的房屋建设。这表明公司将完全照顾资源。然而,问题在于时间压力。建造4套面积为150平方米的复式住宅需要整整14周的时间。这是一个更短的时间框架,需要有丰富专业知识的人来完成这个项目。本篇案例研究代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Macro environment business drivers

  In the process of determining feasibility, it is important to study the influence of macro environment business drivers. This will include economic, resourcing and demographic factors in addition to local competitiveness.

  As the proposed location is hilltop, it is of interest to many home buyers because of the features of the land. Though there is a competition, this property does have high value. The population is huge and assures of better support from them after the construction process. As per the information gathered from Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017), the number of businesses in 2015 is 3,887. A house has a median sale price of $636,000. Health care and social assistance are the two areas that employ as many people from the locality. As per the detail collected in 2016, the income earned cross $25,000. In addition to it, many people get their pensions and allowances from the government. These make it even easier for them to possess land.

  From the data, it is understood that very less people are employed in the construction industry and there is a likelihood to shortage of resources. Though there are many home owners, it seems that less number of business owners have involved in construction industry. Resourcing is likely to be a problem.

  Micro environment business drivers

  The chosen construction company Adenbrook Homes is already dealing with construction of homes in the locality. This indicates that the company will entirely take care of the resources. However, the problem lies with the time pressure. There are exactly 14 weeks to construct 4 duplex homes with each 150 sq m. This is a shorter time frame and requires people with rich expertise to work on this project. As per the information given by Adenbrook Homes, the resources to work on this project are expensive (Houzz, 2017). It is impossible to extend the construction time as it is all set for sales and essential to refill the cash reserves. Though it is feasible, the charges might go high and their weekly wages may also increase. This will increase the budget but still there are market variations. The company has assured of better skilled workers to work in this proposed layout.