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在繁忙或考试期间学生喜欢喜欢三明治方便食品或喜欢送货上门,公司可以利用这一特殊的专门提供给学生,包括美味的食品以较低的价格。他们还可以使用脸书和推特为交易推广(Bela Florenthal,2011)。
公司可以确定其基于部分食品生产品的定价策略。一些学生愿意支付更高的价格则要小(Bela Florenthal,2011),因此通过提供各种包装公司可以应付这个问题。


Marketing manager of any organization plays a key role to convert marketing strategies into practical form. This could be only possible by careful analysis of the market, competitors and on the top consumer behaviour and their satisfaction level. Marketing managers can take competitive advantage by analysing the shopping behaviour of university students on food and beverage items. Below are some practical suggestions derived from the survey results?
As the results show that students prefer a healthy and variety of food with a good taste (Freedman, 2009), so it is a very good opportunity for the key brands to open their outlets near the main university campuses so that the students can be able to satisfy their needs accordingly.
In breakfast students prefer some readymade food like cereals and baked items so the marketing department can analyse their needs through surveys in universities and can introduce some new brands in cereals or even improve the existing ones by adding different flavours.

During a busy schedule or during exams students prefer handy food items like sandwiches or prefer home delivery, companies can take advantage of this by providing special deals specifically to the students that include delicious food items at lower price. They can also use face book and twitter for the promotion of deals (Bela Florenthal, 2011).
The companies can also send their sales personnel in some university event or even during the routine days for the promotion of their student deals and can distribute the brochures among students for the marketing purpose.
A firm can determine the pricing strategy of their products for students based on portion of food. Some students willing to pay higher price while others want lesser (Bela Florenthal, 2011), therefore by providing variety of packages companies can cater for this problem.