本篇assignment代写-公司治理与勤勉义务讲了托儿有限公司表示,公司需要以公司利益相关者的利益为基础进行治理。《2001年公司法》规定,公司必须遵守198A,在此情况下,公司业务应在公司董事的指导下进行管理。董事被发现有一些基本的职责。本篇assignment代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Corporate Governance and the Duty of Care and Diligence

  Question 2

  Child Care Ltd states that the company needs to be governed based on the behalf of the stakeholders of the company. The Corporation Act 2001 is found to state that the company needs to adhere to the 198A where the business is supposed to be managed under the direction of the directors of the company. The directors are found to have certain basic duties that were responsibilities.

  Lucy is the non-executive director of the firm and she has certain fiduciary duties towards the firm. She needs to adhere to certain mandatory activities that are in accordance with the best practices of the company. Lucy needs to adhere to the clause of Section 181. This applies to all the people who work in the company. It is expected that all the employees of the company act in the best faith efforts.

  Added to this, there have been directors added to the company. The director is defined as the person who has certain functional duties. It is the care and diligence of the reasonable person to impose the common law (McCorquodale, and Simons, 2007). The business judgment rule is found to be claimed for the common law under the section 180. There are good faith efforts that the people act in accordance with the section 181. The directors according to the section 182 clause cannot act in a manner where the activities are found to be detrimental to the company. Section 183 states that the directors must not act improperly and ensure that the duties enable them to gain advantage for themselves or for others of the company.