Assignment First

  本篇assignment代寫-麥當勞的績效管理體系講了在當今時代,麥當勞已經意識到,爲了最大限度地提高員工的生產力,並推動更大的成果,必須在整體戰略和人員之間進行有效的協調。勞動力的一致性是一個關鍵的優先事項,必須在日常職責中有效(Bergeron et al. 2004)。對發展規劃的目標、績效和解決方案的綜合管理,最終提供了實用而複雜的工具,幫助麥當勞實現勞動力整合的過程。在選擇技術支持活動時必須仔細考慮,不要讓員工分心(Widener 2010)。本篇assignment代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  In addition to operational alignment, alignment of workforce will also be required. In the current era, McDonalds has realized that for maximizing the productivity of work force and driving greater results, there must be an effective alignment between the overall strategy and people. Alignment of workforce is a key priority and has to be effective across daily responsibilities (Bergeron et al. 2004). The integrated management of goal and performance and solutions of development planning end up delivering practical yet sophisticated tool for helping McDonalds with the implementation of process for alignment of workforce. There must be a careful consideration to select technology supporting activities without any distraction from the employees (Widener 2010).

  Types of Strategic Alignment Approach

  McDonalds will have the benefit of choice if the strategic alignment approach is adopted in the system of performance management. The choice can be made between organization centric alignment and people centric alignment (Chenhall, 2005). For the achievement of this success, strategic alignment must have either of the centric points in the systems of performance management.

  In people centric alignment, there is a top to down approach in which there is setting of goals first by the top leader or the CEO of the organization. In a subsequent sense, each level of management will establish performance goals and objectives in alignment with the plan of the leader. This particular process becomes repetitive across the entire hierarchy of management, until all contributors end up defining goals in alignment with the goals of the supervisor (Ferreira and Otley, 2009). This concept can further by extended as employees can consider linking the goals with individuals across other organization, which results in the creation of more complexity.

  Further ahead, considering the organization centric alignment, McDonalds will have a number of benefits in comparison with people centric alignment (Wier 2003). This particular model is parallel to the budgeting processes and business planning, further supporting the reduction of administrative burden. In this context, the central objectives will be related to the organization, and these will be broken down further ahead in the hierarchy of the organization. These goals will be cascaded down to lower level, while providing sufficient description about the key objectives such that it is understood by majority of the employees (Kaplan and Norton, 2001). This supports the employees for creating goals that are in link with the overall objectives of the organization. With this approach, it becomes simple for tracking and communicating results and progress back to the work force as performance measurement systems are developed across the organization.