本篇assignment代写-药物治疗的分析及药效学讲了Targin是一种阿片类药物,用于治疗便秘和身体疼痛(Osborn et al., 2013)。由于患者的饮食限制,这种情况下需要服用维生素b1。因此,提供给患者的药物包括一系列药物,以处理患者所表达的每种情况。有必要为病人的护理制定一个优先计划。本篇assignment代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Analysis of the pharmacological treatment and succinct discussion the pharmacodynamics

  The patient had been prescribed with a variety of medications for the issues of heart condition, high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure medication and also anti-depressants. There is a comprehensive range of medications that have been prescribed to the patients.

  The patient had displayed or presented the symptoms of NSTEMI. This had caused the doctors to prescribe the medication to anti coagulate the clots in the blood stream. This was because of the impact sinus bradychardia (Brown & Edwards, 2013). The anti-coagulant medications and aspirin are found to be useful for the controlling of the formation of the clots in the body. This is also the reason for prescribing clopidogrel to prevent any heart attack or stroke in the future (Tripathi, 2013). Candesartan is used to handle the issue of high blood pressure. Rosuvastatin is used to control the high cholesterol levels in the blood (Opie & Gersh, 2012).

  Escitalopram is found to control the serotonin in the body. This would cause the body to deal with anti-depression medication. clonazepam is used to handle the issue of any panic attack (Silverman & Holladay, 2014). The patient has been found to have type 2 diabetes and hence metformin has been prescribed to handle the issue (Britt et al., 2013).

  Targin is a form of opioid that is given to handle the issue of constipation and also to handle the body pain (Osborn et al., 2013). Betamin is given for the condition to handle the vitamin b1 owing to the restricted diet for the patient (Waller & Sampson, 2013).

  Hence the medications that have been provided to the patients include a range of medicines to handle each condition that the patient has expressed. There is a need for a prioritized plan for the patient care.