本篇assignment代写-直升机式教育讲了直升机式的父母从保护孩子开始,一直到孩子成年。然而,它有时会越过维持孩子独立的微妙平衡。在这种情况下,儿童的应对技能受到了影响。他们不能解决这些问题,这导致孩子们面临更多的失败。他们往往会产生焦虑、权利意识、管理不善以及自信心下降。所有这些因素都会导致孩子面临更多的问题。直升机父母会宠坏孩子的未来,除非他们做出一些基本的改变。这些都是从这个分析中暗示出来的。本篇assignment代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Individuals have to sustain in their life. There must be a webbed impact which will cause a positive spiral of effects for the creation of cohesive solutions.

  Individuals are accustomed to have their way and develop a sense of entitlement. This causes them to have undeveloped life skills. They need to retrospect and change.

  These prevent the children from gaining mastery of the skills. However, this is not an excuse for the adults. (Garner, 2017, p. 32).

  The parents must have a fair balance as to what is needed and what needs to be accomplished. They need to make the Individuals aware of the real dangers and allow their children to lead their own life. It is imperative for each parent and their adult children to develop these proper dynamics based on the individual need and the extenuating external circumstances.


  Helicopter parenting starts with the intention of protecting their child which continues into adulthood. However, it sometimes moves past the delicate balance of maintaining the child independence. In this case, the coping skills of the children are affected. They are not able to address these issues and it causes the children to face more failure. They tend to develop anxiety, sense of entitlement, undermanaged managing skills and decrease in the self-confidence. All these factors cause the child to face more issues. Helicopter parents will spoil the children future unless they make some basic changes. These were alluded from this analysis.





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