Assignment First

  本篇幫寫論文-能量收割機講了劉發明了一組發電機。這些是基於懸臂樑是由一個非常厚的薄膜。同樣的主要目的是確保觀察到總功率輸出的減少。有效電能的性能總體提高了約3.98 mW,輸出電壓爲3.93直流,以獲得負載電阻。Choi開發了另一種能量收集MEMS設備。這種設備是利用PZT薄膜來實現傳感器的自我支持(Jornet et al, 2012)。在這些傳感器的共振是在一個特殊頻率的外部振動源,這是用來創造的壓電效應的電能。因此,爲了提供最大的功率輸出,模擬了驗證質量、波束形狀和阻尼對發電的不同影響,爲低頻收割機提供最大的發電指導。本篇幫寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Energy harvesters:

  An array of power generators was then developed by Liu. These were based on the cantilevers which were made from a very thick film. The primary aim of the same was to ensure that there has been an observation of the reduction in the overall power output. There was an overall improvement of around 3.98 mW in the performance of the effective electrical power and a voltage of around 3.93 DC output in order to have the load resistance. Another type of energy harvesting MEMS device was developed by Choi. This kind of device was made by the use of a PZT film in order to enable the sensors which are self-supportive (Jornet et al, 2012). The resonance in these sensors was at a special frequency of an external source of vibration which was used for the creation of the electric energy by the piezoelectric effect. Thus, in order to provide the maximum power output, different kind of effects such as the one of proof mass, beam shape and damping on the power generation was modeled in order to provide the guideline for the maximum power generation from the low frequency harvesters.

  Another kind of piezoelectric energy harvester used the cymbal type of structure which can be used for the production of the large amount of plain strain under the traverse external force. This kind of force is considered to be beneficial for the micro type of energy harvesting. It was reported by Kim that Cymbal structure for the piezoelectric harvesting provided a great results under the pre-stress cyclic conditions (Allameh et al, 2007). In addition to this, it also led to the validation of the experimental results with the analysis of the financial element. The two ring time of piezoelectric harvester was presented by Li, which considered of one pair of elastic plates having the shape of a bow, a shaft which was compressed between the bows. It has been observed that this kind of piezoelectric generator may also have the ability to do the generation of more amount of voltage output and power in comparison to the conventional kind of an energy harvester.

  Stack type is another type of piezoelectric harvester. This kind of harvester can help in the production of energy in a large amount. This is because the mode of piezoelectric materials which has been used in this type of harvester is a d33 mode. Because of this mode, multi stacking of different layers of the piezoelectric materials occurs. This leads to the increase in the overall capacitance. The stack configuration approach has been proposed by Adhikari in which the stack configuration was used other than the cantilever kind of beams. Another stack type of piezoelectric energy harvester included the Synchronized Switch Damping (SSD) which was used in the piezoelectric energy harvesting. It was done in order to increase the overall electricity which was obtained from the mechanical load cycle (Yang et al, 2013). Though, there is a disadvantage of using a stack type of piezoelectric harvester that it can be quite weak in case of the mechanical shocks.