Assignment First

  本篇幫寫論文-社交媒體對印度年輕人的影響講了社交媒體無處不在,它已經成爲大多數印度年輕人不可分割的一部分。印度年輕人的最大數量現在依賴於社交媒體來獲取每一件事情的信息,比如最新的小玩意、電影、時尚潮流、新自行車、汽車,以及城市中最好的餐廳信息。本篇幫寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The Facebook depression is referred to the mental condition developed among the youths. The Facebook users, who are suffering from emotional disturbance, are for the reason that the youth spend a great deal of time on the Facebook and other social media sites. Where many peers and friends compare the boys and girls with their other friends, it is the key reason for the growing Facebook depression among the youths in this country. The social networking has lost the privacy of the youths, who are engaged in the social media sites like facebook or twitter. The youth use to share so much personal information on the social media site and do not understand the reality that hampers their privacy as their personal matter is revealed to the other public.

  The adolescent is the period when people spread wings as well as take the uncertain first flight out into the world. At this time, they used to be very emotional and easily drive to the stream of the latest trends. The social media is used positively in the marketing. There are girls who use to buy their cosmetics because they are influenced by the social media campaigns which are made by the companies (Tewari and Pathak, 2015).

  The social media exists in everywhere, and it becomes an inseparable part of most of the Indian youths. The maximum numbers of Indian youths are now dependent on the social media for the information on each and every thing like the latest gadget, movies, fashion trends, new bikes, and cars in the market as well as the information of best eating places in the city. The social media largely controls the psyche of the youth people in India as a big remote control. Usually, the youths and immature people in India engage in the social media up to four to five hours a day and spend lots of time in sexting with the same sexes and even with the opposite sexes. Consequently, they involve in an illicit relationship and give birth to the problems like unplanned teenage pregnancy, which is increasingly becoming a most challenging issue for the Indian society. In this context, there should be control in social media activities.

  The government should develop and implement effective laws and legislations to stop misuse of the social media, which is truly a most powerful media of present days. Moreover, the social media should be used constructively and should get the maximum benefit from the social media communication.