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北美代写 :PESTEL分析对OPPS战略业务的帮助



北美代写 :PESTEL分析对OPPS战略业务的帮助

PESTEL analysis is useful for understanding the microenvironment in which Opps operates. PESTEL is a country level analysis.
The political environment in the country is quite favourable for Opps for both short term strategic implementations and long term sustainability of the business. Local authority support in terms of policy making to encourage hotels and resorts in the destination is a strong point of the macro-environment.
The economic influence of the country will decide the form of support the company will have with respect to economy. A country with a high GDP would support the business better. Australia has a GDP of 1.56 trillion as of 2013. Now with respect to economy, it is seen that there benefits in the form of low taxation. Companies are offered lower commercial costs, lower taxes, and a higher quality of life and in the context of relocation to more desired locations such as where Oppus is, the local authority in fact presents economic relocation packages.

北美代写 :PESTEL分析对OPPS战略业务的帮助

Tax income from these commercial resorts and hotels are used for local development, and hence, the community and the local people have a very high connect with these establishments. A positive social impact is seen to be present.
Research studies show that the technological environment of a country like Australia offers many opportunities for Software and Services Industry. The Hotel industry could benefit from these innovations of the Software and Services Industry. Oppus has to follow environmental strategy in order to meet the sustainability regulation standards as set in the country and local regions. Situated in Australia is in a strong legal environment with proper regulations and enforcement procedures, Oppus benefits.