Assignment First

  本篇北美代写-权变方法和组织行为讲了在突发事件高且组织环境不确定的情况下使用应急方法,这在最大程度上影响了组织(Schein, 2011)。权变方法是与组织行为的概念一起使用的,这些概念与环境中的变量保持一致,对于具有权变环境的组织来说是安全可靠的方法。本篇北美代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In contrast the contingency approach is used where the contingencies are high and the environment for the organisations is uncertain which is affecting the organisation to the maximum extent (Schein, 2011). Contingency approach is used along with the concepts of organisation behaviour in line with the variables in the environment being safe and secure approach for an organisation having contingent environment. (Witzel & Warner, 2013). The contingency approach is a more comprehensive approach which looks into the environmental disasters impacting the business (Bruce, 2010). The examples of the organisations using this approach are the airline business which is based on variations in the market for deciding the rate of the ticket and the route to be taken in a bad climatic condition in a particular sector (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2011).

  In the constantly changing environment and technological advancements in the business environment, the usage of Contingency approach has become the talk of the era but scientific management approach is still very popular with the manufacturing and production organisation where the requirements are standardised and the profit maximisation is based on mass production (Miles, 2012). The views of scientific approach towards the employees are like the uniformed machines which are to be used effectively and efficiently without any effort wasted. However the contingency approach looks at empowering the employees in the organisation by letting them interact with the environment in the organisation (Witzel & Warner, 2013). The scientific management approach took more work from the employees and left them dissatisfied. As a result the employees lost interest in work which did not provide their creativity an option to run. In contrast to this, the contingency approach provides the employees with the space to work on their own in a flexible environment and treat them on par with the management (Robbins, 2012).

  In the present business world both the approaches are used by different organisations depending upon the requirements of the business. It is not correct to advocate that only one of the methods of management approach is appropriate for the organisations to sustain in the market. An organisation can use the blend of both the approaches to standardise the functioning of the organisation to avoid issues from the environment. Thus, it is essential that the organisations have to look at their requirements along with the requirements of the business in line with the stakeholders of the organisation to decide what kind of approach is beneficial for the organisation in the long run.