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a) Krista必须了解所有员工的观点,并使用来自各个层面的反馈,以避免阴谋、谣言和八卦,与不同领域的员工建立社交网络。这将有助于在员工之间建立更好的关系和协调,从而使员工专注于组织目标,而不是为彼此制造问题。


北美最强代写 :各种组织行为理论的问题分析

This report is written to analyze problems face by Amazing World of Fun (AWF) due to change proposed by Krista- the newly appointed Zonal head to make AWF as profitable ventures. The analysis will be done by analyzing the problem with respect to various organizational behaviour theories so as to propose possible recommendations to make AWF a profitable venture. The analysis will be done using two theories as described in the proceeding sections.
The first thing in this report is to analyze the idea of social networking using rumours , gossips and conspiracy theories and its importance in solving the problem at AWF. The theory of Social networking describes how groups having strong ties are capable of diffusing ideas rapidly. Rumor and gossip are terms often used distinctly by different theorists. While some use them interchangeably, others used it in context of stories. Similarly, conspiracy theory relates to the various strategies adopted by different groups to counter one another to reach their goals.
The second thing is to analyze case from perspectives of motivational theories i.e. Krista does not employ proper motivational aspects amongst employees and staffs of different functions to achieve common goal. Krista will have to understand this while dealing with Hopper and Becky.
From the analysis, the solutions to achieve the common goal are as follows:-
The conspiracy, gossips and rumours theories suggest that Krista will have to neglect these aspects and must work to build social networking with colleagues of all domains and functions.
The expectancy and reinforcement theories as part of motivational theory suggest that the same approach must be used by Krista in designing reward and performance system differently for different department using different metrics to avoid friction and makes them moving towards common goal of organization’s profitability.
Conclusion, recommendations and implementation
From the analysis, it is concluded and recommended that Krista will have to implement following actions to achieve the organizational goal of achieving profitability:-
a) Krista will have to understand the perspectives of all employees and should use feedback from all level to avoid conspiracies, rumours and gossips to build social network with employees of different domains. This will help in building better relationships and coordination amongst employees which in turn makes employees to concentrate on organizational goal rather than creating problems for each other.
b) She will have to employ feedback from expectancy and reinforcement theories to design reward based performance system with different metrics for different functions as biologists have different parts to judge than commercial staff. She will have to understand that different functions have different requirements and thus have different goals. She must use this facts while making comment or giving feedback to employees of other domain.