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北美最强代写 :有关妇女解放的发展和讨论



北美最强代写 :有关妇女解放的发展和讨论

In the recent times, many women have succeeded to overcome this suppression of the society and are pursuing their dreams. The women liberation movement has come a long way today women are going to moon, climbing the Mount Everest, working in multinational companies with their male counter parts, holding prominent positions in political parties and corporate, becoming president of countries and taking decisions of their own. In many countries and regions, women are main bread earners of the family; thus, changing the old norms and rules set by the society for women .

北美最强代写 :有关妇女解放的发展和讨论

Nevertheless, till date, women have broke their walls of inhibitions and are moving forward in the society, but still somewhere even those women are compelled to leave their promising careers to take care of the children or are expected to move along with their husbands if they are settling in some other locations.

Thus, it can be stated that even today after a lots of laws being passed for gender equality at corporate and rules and regulations being passed to give equal authority and rights to women in the society, the old norms of the society are still being followed somewhere.