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  本篇毕业论文代写-霍克尼的油画讲了霍克尼在加州大学伯克利分校任教时画了《大飞溅》。这幅画是这位艺术家在加州日常生活的缩影。这幅画被认为是水花系列中最好的画之一。这幅画具有构图特点。一个跳水板被发现形成一个角落,在那里绘画前景的边缘是明显的。溅起的水花是由浅蓝色和蓝绿色水的白线组合而成的。跳水板在主水平面上任意呈现。这和另一种表示不同。本篇毕业论文代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  This painting shows a splash in a typical Californian swimming pool. This was a reference to the visit that Hockney had taken to Los Angeles in 1963. He made alternating trips between Los Angeles and Europe. He was ultimately taken in by the lifestyle that Los Angeles had provided. He decided to set up a permanent home. He stated that the lifestyle of the people and the liberal ideology had attracted him to the place. Being a Gay man, he felt that the people were more accepting about him in this place. He was drawn to the unique life and attractions of the Californians. The climate was sunny and the people were accepting. In California, Hockney had found that all the people had a swimming pool. This swimming pool was not viewed to be a luxurious item like in other places. It was component of each house. The painting was a reference to the culture of California. Apart from the Bigger Splash, a number of paintings had created. These were all references to the swimming pool in California. “Picture of a Hollywood Swimming Pool” in 1964 is an example of his affinity towards the location works were influenced by British painter Bernard Cohen and French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-85) (Fineberg, 2000).

  In the pictures, wide borders around the painting were deliberately left untouched. The practice stemmed from maintaining the large areas of the canvas to be raw (Stork, 2003). Simultaneously, the fast-drying acrylic paint was conditioned to be suited for the clean-contoured and suburban landscapes of California.

  The painting Bigger Splash was drawn when Hockney was teaching at the University of California in Berkeley. The painting is an epitome of what the artist sees in California in a normal day. This painting has been construed to be one of the best paintings of the Splash series. The painting carries compositional characteristics. A diving board is found to have form a corner where the margin of the painting foreground is made evident. There is a splash that is represented by the lighter blue which is combined with the white lines of the turquoise water. The diving board is wantonly presented at the predominant horizontals. This is different from the other representation.

  In the A Larger Splash painting, it is evident that a deliberate use of the brighter and bolder colours to emphasize the Californian light. The yellow diving board stands out in a dramatic manner. A space is observed between the sky and water that is denoted as a flesh coloured land. A rectangular block is found in which the folding chair is delineated. Two palms of the painting showcase the greenery. He had also rejected the notion of creating the splash in an instant gesture. A lack of any human presence can be seen in the painting. This is usually a presentation or depiction of a man that was missing in these pictures. The other notable works of the artist has been detailed below.