Assignment First

  本篇代寫-《2001年公司法》講了《2001年公司法》第124條詳細規定了公司通過合法手段進行所有交易的行爲。這對艾米來說很重要。她有必要了解當獨資公司轉變爲私人有限公司時會發生什麼,以及私人有限公司的所有規範。《2001年公司法》第180-183條詳細規定了董事的職責,以避免利益衝突,合理使用權力,並保留自由裁量權。本篇代寫文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Post registration, Amy will have to select a company’s registered office, keep a book for recordings of meetings, appointment with directors, secretary, registers of members, option and debenture holders, common seal, and annual meeting reviews. Amy will be safe with such a company formed with limited liability as she will have her personal assets safeguarded against any future debt taken for expansion and will have a line drawn between personal and company assets, personal and company debt, and personal and company liability.

  Section 124 of the Corporation Act 2001 details the conduct of the company to engage in all transactions through lawful means. This is essential for Amy to go through. It is necessary for her to learn what happens when a sole trader company is converted to a private limited company and what all norms govern the private limited company. Section 180-183 of the Corporation Act 2001 details the duties of the directors thus avoiding conflict of interests, making use of powers for proper purpose and retaining discretion.

  It is therefore advice to Amy that, she must opt for a change in her business structure and convert the sole trader business to a limited liability company. This is because such a business will safeguard her personal assets and not put them at risk, and she will be able to raise more reliable and secured finance of $300,000 which she will require to invest in her new yum-cha restaurant in Ashfield.