Assignment First

  本篇代寫essay-布里斯班的蒙特拉切特餐廳討論了布里斯班Montrachet餐廳是布里斯班黃金海岸著名的餐廳。爲餐館貼出的建議是改進流程,讓他們保持服務質量水平。基於他們的方法,這家餐廳在當前的時代能夠取得成功,這已經是一個既定的事實。這些是餐廳可以堅持的一些額外的方法。本篇代寫essay由加拿大第一論文Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The audit occurred based on the friendliness of the staff. They allowed the student to inspect the premise within a short-stipulated time period. Owing to this, certain analogy was made about the space.

  It was found that the restaurant followed a rigors and meticulous cleanliness process. It is one of the very few Australian restaurants that post their cleanliness standards online. The restaurant was found to maintain impeccable and quality standards. This restaurant is also having a Michelin star and the chef of the restaurant is well-known. Added to this, there is also the posting of the quality standards that have been followed by the restaurant. They have added adequate efforts to ensure that the quality standards are maintained. The audit outcome and the results have been posted based on the staff willingness to show the restaurant and the time allotted to make specific determination. There is a need to make a more detailed restaurant analysis and determinations to ensure that they are adhering to the quality standards. The initial review shows that the quality levels of the restaurant are impeccable and there is high level of importance given to cleanliness and the aesthetic appeal of the food. The plausible recommendations for the restaurant have been detailed in the following.


  Montrachet Restaurant in Brisbane is a renowned restaurant in the Gold coast of Brisbane. The recommendation that is posted for the restaurant is to improve the process and for them to maintain the service quality levels. It is an already established fact that the restaurant has been able to succeed in the current time based on their methods. These are some of the additional methods that the restaurant can adhere to.

  There are many tools that measure and improve the service quality. It is considered to be the mechanisms for quality recognition in the tourism industry. The managers need to have a methodology that identify and requirements (Meyer et al., 2017). Currently, the tourism industry needs to adhere to the quality improvement process to maintain the quality standards.

  The service in a hotel is measured based on the value for money, comfortable seating, aesthetic appeal, attentive staff and good food (Brough et al., 2016). However, there is a need to focus on the value for money. There are a number of intrinsic intangible processes in place that need to be considered in order to make the determination. It is evident that the hotel aims at excellence and profitability. The outcomes of the initial review show clearly that there is focus on the quality service, retention of the existing guests and there is focus on the quality service. There is regular training and empowerment of the service-oriented staff that is needed. The restaurant needs to focus on the pricing and change their aesthetic appeal in order to retain the consumers (Courtney, Majowicz and Dubin, 2016). They must ensure that the quality standards are maintained and a change in the restaurant schema would be beneficial for all the people in the restaurant.

  The restaurant needs to focus on the ways to improve the services in order to retain the services.

  In reality, the restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants that they can change certain service offering in order to remain competitive in the future (Osaili et al., 2017). There are no real changes that are required in the current times.