Assignment First

  本篇代寫essay-倉庫管理和操作程序問題講了倉庫空間不足是一個主要問題。有不正確的計劃和使用倉庫,這已被發現沒有空間爲新的庫存。與此同時,應該有適當的庫存管理來處理庫存差異。缺乏協調的努力導致備份和增加庫存管理。倉庫開槽問題也是這個問題的延伸。較大的庫存被分配到較小的倉庫中,導致存儲問題。本篇代寫essay文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Legal issues

  There are also political and legal issues that the value chain faces. Many Countries are facing increasing pressure to increase manufacturing within the country to prevent import from other countries. This is to increase the regional economy. This has been coupled with the changing consumer requirements. There has been a change in the demography along with changes in the consumer requirement. This has been found to impede the logistics management. Rise of ecommerce along with increase in import has created a new requirement for reverse logistics.

  Warehouse management and operational procedure issues

  Insufficient warehouse space is a major issue. There is incorrect planning and use of warehouses and this has been found to have no space for newer inventory. Along with this there should be proper inventory management to handle stock discrepancies. Lack of coordinated efforts leads to backup andincrease the inventory management. Warehouse slotting problems is also an extension of this issue. The larger inventory is slotted to a smaller warehouse causing issues in storage.

  Quality and safety of the product

  In the case of pharmaceuticals industry and organic perishable product, there should be care taken to ensure that the original product is not degraded in quality; the shipment time plays a major role, temperature control and appropriate inventory and warehouse management. The issue of degradation, safety storage and temperature control are the major issues that are facing this sector.This requires more logistics management and planning. Apart from this the companies need to address the rising costs involved in this sector. During the times of epidemic, there are more requirements for these products. This adds to the pressure of meeting requirements.

  Many contractors handle this process and this causes the risk of supply chain being affected. There are many decision makers within the logistics and supply chain and this causes increase in the probability of risk. The quality, safety, cost, time and effective operation process are integral for the maintenance of the supply chain.

  To summarize the major issues that the companies face is poor management, such as rising costs, changing consumer requirements and ensuring quality and safety of the products.

  To address the issue of quality and safety storage and transportation of the product plays an important crucial role. One the proven technique that has found to be effective is freeze drying technique.