Assignment First

  本篇代寫essay-關係的概念講了關係的概念與新西蘭的網絡概念相似。然而,人際網絡和關係之間有很大的區別。關係概念的作用是爲個人在中國進行商業和社會活動提供一個平臺(Clarke, 2009)。關係的基礎是牢固地建立在人與人之間的聯繫之上,這種聯繫的定義是相互的義務、互惠和信任。信任因素對個人起着至關重要的作用,因爲它使他們發展相互理解和相互義務。這些組成部分被用來促進商業活動和個人在中國的發展。本篇代寫essay文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The concept of guanxi is similar to the concept of networking that is present in the New Zealand. However, there are considerable differences between networking and guanxi. The guanxi notion functions to provide a platform to the individuals to perform both business and social activities in China (Clarke, 2009). The basis of guanxi is firmly established upon the connections between the people which are defined by the mutual obligation, reciprocity, and trust. The trust factor plays a critical role for the individuals as it allows them to develop mutual understanding and mutual obligations. These components are leveraged for the advancement of the business activities and an individual in China (Davis, 2009). Although the concept of guanxi is not defined in writing, the concept is adopted not only by the business leaders but the people in general. Hence, in order to perform any business or social activity, it becomes critical for the business to develop trust among the customers. The research has identified that if the trust and connection between the different individuals at the political level, consumer, and personal level is present than the good relationships are viewed as good guanxi developed by a leader (El Kahal, 2001). The concept of guanxi is important to not only the business level but also within the inter-personal level. This allows the individuals to rely more on the relationships developed through guanxi instead of the legislation and the institutions which are less reliable.

  Application to organizational leadership

  The notion of guanxi impacts the leadership of the organizations operating in China considerably. Guanxi concept is the personalized influence network wherein the relationships with one another are developed. It is to highlight that Guanxi is a central idea within the society of China. Hence, this makes the Guanxi integral in personal and professional life (Harris and Leberman, 2012). This concept has originated from the Confucian concept on the essentiality of the family. Hence, the Chinese communities firmly established on the family, relatives, and filial piety that make up the concept of Confucian. The underlying reason behind the presence of the Confucian ideology can be regarded to be its origin from the ancient communities of China. Guanxi affects another concept namely face which implies the public image and reputation of both individual and the corporate entity (King and Zhang, 2014). Therefore, the leaders that are effective in the development of a good and strong Guanxi for the progress of their organizations enables the brand image and name to be in the good lights of the Chinese society due to the improvement of face. However, the leader that does not develop a good Guanxi is not only to be efficient but also experienced reduction of the face value within the business and social communities.