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代写essay :美食实地考查对我的帮助

其次,美食也是通过向游客提供的交易范围来见证的。以Armadale Cellar为例,游客有机会通过课程学习葡萄酒知识,并出口到各自的国家(Montagne, 1998)。另一方面,叶岭古堡酒店使游客可以探索乡村生活和他们准备的葡萄酒,可以进一步用于贸易目的。通过这种方式,墨尔本的文化传播到各地。

美食旅游是一个地区文化传统建设的重要方面。这两个网站都让我了解到美食旅游是一种休闲活动,包括参观食品生产商、节日、集市、市场和能够品尝产品的展示。它教会我学习对重建遗产很重要的美食概念(Brillat, 2014)。我过去参观过很多地方,只是为了获得经验。然而,这些实地考察让我探索了一个全新的美食遗产和休闲旅游的世界,确实对我产生了强烈的积极影响,让我学得更多,探索得更多。

代写essay :美食实地考查对我的帮助

While these site visits are totally new to me, it gave me the importance to incorporate gastronomy as a part of hospitality in every restaurant and service oriented brands that attempt to deal with tourists. Gastronomy tends to be a combination of manmade attractions and natural environment that connect in areas of recreation, food and movements. It has been a great experience to gain understanding on the intangible heritage.
First of all, I had come to know the major areas where gastronomy is applied in this sector. It included the accommodation, amenities and basic cuisines. As these build up the interests among tourists to know more, they get the chances for sightseeing and courses to explore the tradition and culture of that location.

代写essay :美食实地考查对我的帮助

Secondly, gastronomy is also witnessed through the scope of trading offered to the tourists. In case of Armadale Cellar, tourists get the chance to get educated about wines through the courses and also export to their respective countries (Montagne, 1998). On the other hand, Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel enables tourists to explore the rural lives and wines prepared by them which can further be utilized for trading purpose. By this way, the culture of Melbourne is spread to places.
Food tourism is an important aspect in building the culture and tradition of a specific region. Both the sites have let me to understand that gastronomic tourism is recreational and includes visit to food producers, festivals, fairs, markets and demonstrations that enable tasting of products. It educated me to study the gastronomical concepts that are important to rebuild the heritage (Brillat, 2014). I have visited various sites in the past just to gain experiences. However, these site visits let me explore a new world of culinary heritage and recreational tourism and indeed created a strong positive impact within me to learn more and explore more.