Assignment First

  本篇代寫essay-通貨膨脹講了通貨膨脹是指商品或服務價格上漲,而收入水平略有提高。經濟中的通貨膨脹是經濟快速增長的結果,它與收入水平和商品價格不匹配。通貨膨脹率是用各國的物價指數來衡量的。可靠的控制和計量是世界各國最需要考慮的宏觀經濟因素。通貨膨脹率可以通過貨幣政策、資本市場的資金供應(流入和流出)、經濟的儲蓄率等多種措施來控制。本篇代寫essay文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Inflation is the situation when prices of commodity or services get high with the slightly increase in the level of income. Inflation in the economy is the result of growing economy so quickly that it does not match income level and commodity prices. Inflation rate is measured with the price index of every country. It is most consideration macro-economic factor that every country worldwide required to control and measure reliably. Inflation rate can be controlled with various measures like monetary policies, supply of funds (inflow and outflow) in capital market, saving rate of economy and many other measures (Opait, 2013).

  Financial recession has caused Australia to take their foot back in terms of overspending and low saving measures. Along with world economy, Australia is facing issue of increased inflation rate because of low flow of money and low income level. Inflation has caused many people pushed at poverty line and some section had gone below poverty line. Since income level of many people has became very low that many people in Australia are not able to afford living and houses. Increase in inflation rate is the indicator of increase in income level of people. This can be seen in Australian economy (Heinemann & Noussair, 2015). However this phenomenon is not able to sustain for longer period of time because increase in prices of commodity is too high as compared to income level. Since financial crises hit the Australian economy, households has reported very low or zero disposable income with them as there is no flow of funds in the economy. Because of financial crises, Australian financial market shows very low rate of growth and therefore economists of Australian economy cannot do much to change problems. Therefore higher inflation rate has put Australian economy and sits people below poverty line.


  Poverty can be defined as the state of being poor and it shows insufficiency in many terms as compared to others. In every economy, poverty plays important role in terms of measuring poverty threshold limit and analysing its impact. Poverty itself is a huge subject that shall be understood and applied by economists in the market (Mihai et al., 2015).