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咖啡館努力為人們提供一個熟悉的、有吸引力的、受歡迎的場所,讓人們相互聯系。因此,在商店的設計上,要體現當地居民的獨特個性。該公司的興趣在於連接可持續建設實踐,同時引發深思熟慮的參與和與環境建設的問題(Suresh, 2013)。除了減少水和能源消耗,星巴克還可以在任何可能的地方使用回收和再利用的材料,並經常利用設計細節和當地商店的材料。此外,星巴克在店內的廣告投放上也很有創意,在店內的內部設置上也可以看到新產品的廣告。這種廣告背後的主要目的是鼓勵顧客在再次光顧商店時考慮他們可能會購買什麽。

servicescape模型是根據Russell的情感模型和Mehrabian Russell刺激反應理論建立起來的,它在解釋服務人員和客戶如何對環境的關鍵維度做出反應方面,代表了一個綜合框架。在報告的這一部分,重點將是應用servicescape模型對星巴克物理環境的有效性進行關鍵評估。

大多數時候,服務對員工和客戶的影響沒有得到充分的利用和重視(龐德,2013)。更常見的情況是,可以看到經理們在不考慮設計變更對員工和客戶的影響的情況下改變周圍的物理環境。星巴克的物理環境更多的是在影響行為和塑造形象的範圍內,而不是在以前。當地文化體現在墨爾本CBD的星巴克門店。咖啡店可以被看作是一個特殊的地方,反映了個人的價值觀和感知,用合適的音樂來設置場景(Suresh, 2013)。有些顧客更喜歡去這個地方,喝世界上最好的咖啡,而有些人則認為這是一個合適的選擇。

代寫essay :星巴克的營銷服務分析

Starbucks understands that maintaining the satisfaction of employee as high as possible, and helps in the provision of superior experience among the customers. Starbucks has been maintaining the satisfaction of employees with hourly wages, stock options and health benefits that are highly competitive (Ponder, 2013). With key focus on factors such as satisfaction of employees, customer service and quality, Starbucks has been successful in the establishment of a welcoming and friendly environment. By setting such a diversified scope of success, the company has been successful in changing the perception of customers all across the globe.

The coffeehouse puts in complete effort to set a familiar, inviting and welcoming place for people making connections. Hence, there is designing of stores such that there is a reflection of unique character related to the local population being served. The company takes up interest in connecting sustainable practices of building, while provoking thoughtful engagements and questions with the environment built (Suresh, 2013). Apart from the reduction of water and energy consumption, Starbucks can be seen incorporative recycled and reused materials wherever there is a possibility of the same and often utilize design details and materials inspired locally in the stores. In addition, Starbucks puts in creative efforts of in-store advertisement, while it can be seen advertising new products in the interior setting of the stores. The key purpose behind such advertising is focused on encouraging the customers for thinking about what might be purchased by them when they visit at the store once again.
The servicescape model that is built in accordance with the theories of Russell’s Model of Affect and Mehrabian Russell Stimulus Response is useful in representing an integrative framework for explaining how service staff and customers respond to the key dimensions of environment. In this part of the report, focus will be on applying the servicescape model for conducting a critical evaluation related to the effectiveness of Starbucks’physical environment.
The impacts of servicescapes on the employees and customers have been underutilized and underappreciated most of the time (Ponder, 2013). More often managers can be seen changing physical surrounding without considering the impact of change in design on the employees and the customers. The physical environment of Starbucks is more within the scope of influencing behaviours and creating an image other than the previous one. Local culture is reflected in the store of Starbucks, Melbourne CBD. The coffee shop can be seen as a special place, reflecting the values and perceptions of individuals, with appropriate music to set the scene(Suresh, 2013). Some customers show preference in visiting the place and drinking the best coffee of the world, while some consider it as an appropriate .