Assignment First

  本篇代寫essay-語境文化因素講了傳遞給員工的信息過於直白:在高語境文化中,隱含的信息被用於隱喻,這樣人們可以從字裏行間讀出信息。在低上下文環境中,使用顯式和清晰的消息。討論控制點和承認失敗:在高語境中,控制點是內在的,個人對失敗的接受是存在的。在低語境下,控制點是外在的,人們互相指責對方的失敗。本篇代寫essay文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Overtness of messages given to the employees: In high context cultures covert messages are used that are used with a metaphor so people can read between the lines. In low context messages that are explicit and clear are used.

  Discussing about the Locus of control and acknowledgment for the failure: In high context locus of control here is inner and personal acceptance for failure is present. In low context locus of control here is outer and people blame each other for the failures.

  Using of non-verbal communication as the main form of communication: In high context majority of the communication is non verbal. In low context main focus is on the verbal communication and body language (Athukorala, 2010).

  Appearance of the reaction: in high context the reactions are reserved and inward. In low context the main reactions here are visible, external, outward reaction.

  Consistency and division of the groups: In high context distinction is strong between the in group and out group and they have a strong sense of the family. In low context the pattern of group is flexible and open so they can be changed when needed (Athukorala, 2010).

  Bonds within people: in high context people bonds are strong with strong affiliation with the family. In low context bonds between people are weak and trust factor is not present.

  Altitude of promise to relationships: in high context relationship is important than the tasks. In low context commitment to the relationship is weak and tasks are taken more

  Flexibility of time with the company: in high context process is important than the product and time is flexible. In low context time of the company is highly organized (Lu, 2016).

  In time monochromic and polychromic time are discussed. In Monochronic time it means to do the task at the present time. Doing the thing at the same times means to carefully plan and assume the schedule of the task. In Western approach it is termed as the time management discipline. People following the Monochronic time follow low context culture elements (Aayer and Odeegard, 2008).