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代写 :歌曲《我爱的女孩》和弦上的安排原因




代写 :歌曲《我爱的女孩》和弦上的安排原因

The original version of the song “The Girl that I loved” makes use of acoustic guitar, rhythm pad, vocal and piano. This song has been given an alternate arrangement in terms of style and chords. There are 3 reasons behind arranging it in this way.
The first reason is that it has a fast version originally and it is a complex one to convert into a lullaby. This challenge is something of my interest as there is a need for a new melodious version and that is certainly possible with it.

代写 :歌曲《我爱的女孩》和弦上的安排原因

The second reason is the possibility to learn how chords will function when the entire style of the song is changed. Moreover, when vocals are removed, the instrumentation is very much evident. This shows the significance of a clear instrumentation when it comes to lullaby.
The final reason is the keenness to learn about musical arrangements and how the changes are conceived. When two contrary styles are taken for the research and analysis, it becomes an effective strategy to learn the change gap and different notations that bring new sounds and music.
These reasons have indeed attracted me to adopt to this transformation in styles.