Assignment First

  本篇代写价格-管理会计对员工的作用讲了工作分为技术类和非技术类。员工提供所有的服务,根据他/她的工作概况许可。组织应重视员工的绩效,管理会计应重视员工在正确方向上的真诚努力(Mullins和Christy, 2016)。如果管理会计为员工提供职位和动力,那么员工可以帮助公司达到领导地位,公司可以通过领导地位抓住市场上的所有机会。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Role of management accounting for the employees

  The information provided inside the organization by the management and the executive teams differs from the information provided outside the organization by the financial accounting group. Men, machines, material and money all of this objects are important for the management accounting, but among all of this, the manpower plays a most important role in the achievement of the goal of any company. The environmental factors which are not uncontrollable like, political, social, legal, economic, cultural factors and technology changes very fast which can be regulated by the manpower only. Today’s market is very competitive, and it is very tough to start and survive for any company in the present market, so they want to recruits truly skilled and dedicated employees (Mitchell, 2007). Depending on the nature of the company and their skill employees are performing different jobs on management accounting. The performances of the employees have great contact on the different factors like investment, production, sales, profits and finally the market position of the organization. There are few factors which push the employee to do sincere work like, the cooperation of the seniors, their skills, salary on time, dedication, promotion after a certain time, training and so on. The employees are engaged in the following tasks like production, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, human resource, research and the communication with the customers. By the skill and job profile, the employees are recognized as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled. The job categories are of two types –technical and non-technical. The employees offer all of the services as per his/her job profile permits. The organization should appreciate the performances of the employees, and the management accounting should value their sincere efforts in the correct direction (Mullins and Christy, 2016). If the management accounting provides the positions and the motivation to their employees, then the employees can help the company to reach to the leading position through which company can take all the opportunities in the market.