Assignment First

  本篇代写价格-焦点小组的研究方法讲了焦点小组将决定向1至2岁的幼儿销售乐高玩具的营销传播。这些成员都是中等收入的人。焦点小组用于了解人们在某种情况下是如何思考的,并获得对现象的理解。这项技术是一项有价值的研究工具。在调查中,向参与者提出的问题通常是封闭式的。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The purpose of this analysis is to develop a methodology where the focus group will decide about the marketing communication of selling Lego toys to toddler aged between 1 to 2 years. The members are middle income people. Focus groups are used to gain comprehension as to how the people think in a situation and to gain comprehension of the phenomena. This technique is a valuable research tool. In the case of surveys, the questions that are posed to the participants are generally close ended. They are found to limit the feedback information that is collated form the respondent. To supplement this gap, interview techniques are used. Conducting individual interviews is an arduous task that requires a lot of resources and time (Cooper, Schindler and Sun, 2003). F There are also a number of other benefits that are found to be associated with Focus groups. They facilitate group interaction. The non-verbal communication is benefitted to the members of the group. These groups’ interviews with the targeted population are found to create participant connection to make connections about the discussion.

  Focus Group: Operational Protocol

  Every focus group that is successful has certain rules. They could be notion of single person talking at a time or switching of the phones during the discussion. In other cases it could be maintaining confidentiality of the participants and ensuring consent are some of the fundamental rules of these focus groups. The groups must not steer away from the main topic and there must be ancillary discussion of the events that are relevant to the situation. The operations are explored in the following.

  Research Methodology

  Similar to any research study, the first step in creation of a focus group is defining a clear purpose of the research. The aim and the objectives are derived in the focus group. This fundamental step is explained in the following.