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  本篇代写价格-墨西哥的表现与发展目标讲了墨西哥的发展议程包括消除贫困、实现粮食安全和促进可持续增长。国家的其他目标包括为人民提供健康的食品选择,确保教育和工作场所的包容性。除此之外,性别平等的促进无处不在(Baiman, Boushey & Saunders, 2015)。创造可持续增长、发展和绿色能源,以及为国家增长创造足够的基础设施,是政府的一些重要目标。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Mexico Performance with Developmental Goal

  Mexico’s developmental agendas include eradication of poverty, achieving food security and promotion of sustainable growth. Other objectives of the nation include providing healthy food choices for the people, and ensuring inclusivity in education and workplace. Apart from this, the promotion of gender equality is in all the place (Baiman, Boushey & Saunders, 2015). Creation of sustainable growth development and green energy and creation of adequate infrastructure for the growth of the nation are some of the important objectives of the government.

  In the early 1990s, Mexico was under extreme poverty and hunger. There was opening of the borders, macro environmental reforms and a number of free trade deals that enabled Mexico to be the investor’s choice (Baiman, Boushey & Saunders, 2015). The country had been able to achieve success in implementing policy changes. There is more economic stability in the nation.

  According to the World Bank report, the economy continued to expand at 2.5% for the years 2015 to 2016. The expansion of the economic activity relies on the private consumption and there has been weaker investment into the state (Baiman, Boushey & Saunders, 2015). There is external competitiveness that has followed substantial depreciation of the Peso. Verticals supply integration with US has enabled the nation to grow. The increasing debt to GDP ratio has been observed in the state (Sánchez-Ancochea, & Shadlen, 2016).

  The majority of the people are not satisfied with their current living standards. There is an definitive improvement in terms of the economic and infrastructure growth in the nation. However, there is still a need for large scale improvement in the economy of the nation.

  Hence the country is still underachieving in terms of its performance goals.

  Application of Growth Theory

  Ricardian economics state that the theory of production and the theory of growth are based on the theory of variable proportions. Malthus is another proponent of the growth theory who state growth in terms of agriculture. These theories are critiques owing to the fact that the economics of scale is often ignored in these claims (Sánchez-Ancochea & Shadlen, 2016). Slow and swan model explains the growth model in the 1950s and states that the returns from capital and labor are continually diminishing. Increase in productivity in terms of technological progress is considered to be steady. Based on this variable, there is adequate growth of the Mexican economy and technology. Hence the productivity in the state has increased. This theory is known as the “exogenous” growth model (Sánchez-Ancochea & Shadlen. 2016). Endogenous growth model discusses the nuances of the human capital in the state. These include skills and knowledge. The human capital has increasing rates of return. Mexico had improved in the service sector and hence there is endogenous growth that has been observed (Sánchez-Ancochea & Shadlen, 2016). Empirical regularities for the growth process are not considered in this theory. Unified growth theories explained the process of real development. Energy conception theory explains about the sustainability of the nation in terms of growth (Bonanno & Busch, 2015). According to this theory, Mexico cost of oil is considerably less when compared to other states. On application of the growth model theory, it is evident that Mexico has infrastructural growth and has enabled the people to have an increase in their disposable income in the past few years. However, the issue of corruption and the Peso performance in the markets, recent changes in the political climate has also shrunk the economy by 0.2% and hence there is growth in the nation based on the analysis of the growth model theories (Bonanno & Busch, 2015). Nevertheless, there is possibility that the nation growth would be stagnated in the future.