Assignment First

  本篇代写价格-欧洲身份的重要性讲了欧洲身份的重要性主要在于灌输团结和归属感。这种团结给那些认为自己是欧洲人的人们带来了政治、经济和文化上的优势。发达国家和高度进步国家的强大形象是由欧盟在世界各地建立起来的。欧洲的特性使欧洲人民不仅在自己的国家,而且在全世界享受这种发展和协调的成果。欧洲身份的成长是基于相信生活在欧洲的人们与欧盟其他国家的人在社会、政治、经济和文化规范上的相似性。这决定了欧盟的长期稳固一体化。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The determinants of the economic nature can be incorporated in the political aspect since several political decisions result in affecting the economy. Also, the social factors like age, class, religion, ideologies, food habits, lifestyle etc. can be incorporated in the cultural component.

  Why European Identity is significant

  The importance of the European identity is primarily to inculcate the feeling of unity and belongingness. This unity gives political, economic as well as cultural strengths to the people who identify themselves as Europeans. The strong image of developed and highly progressive nations is built by the European Union across the world. The European identity gives people of the Europe to enjoy the fruits of this development and coordination not only in their own country, but also across the world. The growth of a European identity is based on believing of the people living in the Europe in the similarity of social, political, economic and cultural norms of other people in the European Union. This determines the long term sturdy integration of the European Union.

  The importance of the European identity can be determined by the fact that various EU policies as well as its numerous long-range planning are founded on the ground of the existence of this distinct identity and the ways associated with the integration of EU. The European identity is one of the important prerequisite for the EU for the growth of the democracy of EU. Since EU fundamentally view itself as a core political association which need the support of membership from the people in the community (Bardeli, 2016). Though some of the researches prove that there are many people who do not wish to subordinate their national interests and identities for the European identity, nevertheless it is important for the world recognition of the commonly shared culture as well as political views. At times the European identities tend to overlap with some of the cultural or national identities, and hence it can be said that these identities are not mutually exclusive. An individual can thus have a sturdy European identity, with national identity as well as strong sub-national or cultural communal identity (Hooghe and Marks, 2008). The European identity thus gives an individual a notion of supranational personality which is recognisable all across the world, making European identities significant as well as essential for the future growth and development of European society.