Assignment First

  本篇代写价格-社交媒体平台讲了利益寻求者对品牌所提供的一系列好处的产品视频感到兴奋和动力。此外,他们更喜欢在Facebook和电子邮件等社交媒体平台上保持联系。Facebook平台被用来根据其他客户的反应来交互和分析产品。另一个平台的电子邮件用于下订单和对产品做出决策。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Social media platforms for every market segment

  Segment 1: Benefit seekers

  They are excited and driven by product videos that explain the range of benefits offered by the brand. Further, they prefer to stay connected on social media platforms like Facebook and emails. The platform Facebook is used to interact and analyse the product based on other customer responses. The other platform email is used to make an order and take decisions towards the product.

  Segment 2: Family focused

  Family focused population mostly are family men who are concerned about quality and rationale in the budget. They prefer formal communication and utilize platforms such as emails, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to make their choices. While Facebook is used to decide on preferences and analyse the products further, LinkedIn is used for articles that offer professional assistance. This platform also helps the customer to reach the concerned administration at an ease. Twitter is less chosen but used to check the credibility and customer support of the product and the brand.

  Segment 3: Budget conscious shoppers

  Such shoppers are adept on varied social media platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook and other blogs to review the products and inform the audience. Snapchat and Facebook are used to interact with other customers. Instagram is used to establish a strong connection with other interactive instagrammers and also get valid arguments and details about the product. The budget conscious shoppers are not concerned about spending time to make valid choices (Lambrecht and Tucker, 2013). Hence, they are particular about credibility. They tend to be flexible about the social media platforms.

  The identified segments display unique patterns to browse products and choose the right ones for their respective houses. While one group of people encourage informal communication by the brand, the other segments prefer formal community and high credibility to purchase from On the first look of the website, the product list is vast and there are also hot deals. These deals are of major interest to budget conscious shoppers and benefit seekers while family focused shop by brand. These browsing patterns also demonstrate the widespread usage of social media platforms to empower the brand and equip with as much brand presence as possible. There is one platform common in all the segments which are Facebook and this is certainly advantageous for the brand to work accordingly.