Assignment First

  本篇代写价格-世界自然基金会讲了世界自然基金会的目标市场包括那些想要保护动物不灭绝的人。有许多动物,如老虎,猩猩等,都处于灭绝的边缘。世界自然基金会致力于确保那些想要保护这些动物不灭绝的人站出来为这项崇高的事业提供帮助。本篇代写价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In a broader context, each and every human being who loves the nature fits into the target market of both the companies. Both the companies ask the people to support animal life in one or the other form. Both of these companies fulfill their cause with the help of the donations. However, in a deeper context, the target market for the companies is slightly different.

  Target Market for WWF includes the people who want to protect the animals from getting extinct. There are many animals such as tiger, orang-utan, etc. who are on the verge of extinction. WWF works to ensure that the people who want to maintain that these animals should be protected from becoming extinct should come up and help for the noble cause. Some of the target markets of WWF include:

  Wal-Mart and Earth day: WWF and Wal-Mart sponsors a global earth day with the help of the donations and sponsorships for the World Wildlife Fund. Global Earth day is the target for WWF as they try to get lot of donations from the same. Another target audience for the company is the Global school (Du, Bhattacharya & Sen, 2010). This is the global campaign in which the schools from different nations participate. Under this, each and every child gets the opportunity to give the sponsorship for any one specific endangered species. For all the contributions which are received by WWF, the school and the child will receive world-wide recognitions for the contributions which are made by them.

  Another set of target audience includes the companies which can be the part of the sustainable textiles awareness campaign. In this campaign, each garment has a tag. This tag will convey the essential information to the people related to the sustainable ways in which the garments can be manufactured. The tag also contains the donation information cars. Through the help of the same, any individual may become the donor to World Wildlife Fund in Australia.

  Target audience of RSPCA largely includes the people who are looking for adopting small animals and the pet animals. Some of the target audience of RSPCA could be the teenagers, the pension holders, children, families or any popular individual such as a minister or an actor. The target audience for RSPCA includes all those people who may like to adopt a dog or a cat to join their family and are interested in providing them a better lifestyle. Children can be a target audience for RSPCA as the children find these dogs very playful and like to adopt them.