Assignment First

本片文章主要讲的是为何要鼓励组织内员工,谷歌创建了许多方法来鼓励组织内的员工。当涉及到员工的有效激励时,可以说谷歌没有可比性。在谷歌(Back and Landberg, 2014)中,组织激励的概念被管理层所深深遵循。公司确保员工不断激励通过提供大量的好处,如提供flex占支出钱的目的,免费医疗和牙科福利,保险为所有员工,401 k计划、度假为员工报销的认证是由他们完成的。本篇代写价格由加拿大第一论文Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Google has created a number of ways by which the employees are encouraged within the organization. When it is the point related to the effective motivation of the employees, it can be said that Google does not have any comparison. The concept of organizational encouragement is deeply followed by the management in Google (Back and Landberg, 2014). The company make sure that the employees are continuously motivated by providing a large number of benefits such as providing flex accounts for the purpose of spending the money, no-cost health and dental benefits, insurance for all the employees, the 401K plans, vacation packages for the employees and the reimbursement of the certifications which are done by them.
Thus, it can be said that Google is a company which is more than just attractive and serves to ensure that the employees are very happy. Some of the benefits enjoyed by the employees include the maternity benefits of 18 weeks off at complete pay and the expenses of $ 500 for take-out-meals in the initial three months, on site air wash and free lunch and dinner. In addition to this, there are a large number of employee forums at Google where the voice of the employee is heard in a great manner. The employee can use a number of channels to communicate their idea with anyone within the organization.
Googleist is the survey feedback forum which looks for the feedback on the hundreds of issues from different people who are working in Google. In addition to this, the employees are also surveyed about their managers on the regular basis. On the basis of the survey, the best manager is acknowledged publically. The people can make them as their role models and teachers. In Google the management is taking a large number of steps to ensure that the employees are getting inspired for the work which is being done by them. The 80-20 rule or the 20 percent allowance for the projects is one such step in this direction. Thus, the Google Inc. use all the efforts to ensure that the employees are constantly motivated within the organization and work for the success of the organization in order to ensure a great future for the organization.