Assignment First

  本篇代写-领导力角色和素质讲了一系列关于领导力角色和素质的问卷已经在当前活动中被确定。在计分表中,领导角色的得分为95分。取得的成绩显示了很高的领导潜力。它显示了我作为变革型领导的潜力。我明白一个领导者应该激励他的团队成员以协作和协调的方式工作。我已经意识到,对于一个领导者来说,拥有解决问题的技能对于实现团队的目标和公司指定的业务目标是至关重要的。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  A series of the questionnaire on the leadership roles and qualities have been identified in the current activity. The score of the leadership role has amounted to 95 in the score sheet. The achieved score manifests a high leadership potential. It has shown my potential for the transformational leadership. I have understood that a leader should motivate his team members to work in a collaborative and coordinated way. I have realised that it is essential for the leader to possess problem-solving skills for attaning the team’s goals and company’s specified business goals. I can share that it will be beneficial for the leader if there is a proper communication between all departments of the company, thereby paving the way for the attainment of expected outcomes from the business operations of the company. I will strategically allocate the human resource team in the candidate selection and other roles such that the employees recruited in the organidation are rightly trained for the prescribed job roles. I will formulate the right motivational drives to encourage the employee and the follower’s participation in my organisation. As a transformational leader, I will be open to accept criticism and listen actively to the employee’s issues. In order to achieve this openness in personality, it is important to have flexibility in personality. This will help the leader to gain confidence developing a positive attitude, which is useful for the leader imperative to overcome the potential problems in the organisation. I will utilize the opportunity to work in a varied cultural scope. It will help in enhancing my personality as a leader. I will effectively implement the innovative strategies to improve the existing business model. The employment of the innovative strategies will be encouraged through team work. I will allow the team members to exercise their individual liberty. It will not only help them in realising their inherent talent but also allow the organisation in surviving the market competitiveness. It is important for a transactional leader, to use proper strategies for asssiting the organisation to expand its business in the global market. I can share that a leader should use active-listening approach and make rectifications after accepting his errors expressed by his other team members. I will address the organisational issues through the right mediums and measures. In fact, I will be expected to act as the figurehead of the management. I will work in close coordination with top management to discuss the issues closely with the decision makers and convey the same to the department. I should promptly take important decisions and put my best effort to resolve potentiaal business issues. I should enhance my critical thinking abilities for building effective communication between me and my people. This approach will increase my leadership qualities and I would be able to clearly state the organisational mission and vision to my subordinates.