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代写论文的网站 :梦想是人生活的主要驱动力



代写论文的网站 :梦想是人生活的主要驱动力

Another way, the dreams of people impact their working has been related to the manner in which they respond to the different events. The perception of the characters of the story had been influenced by their goals and dreams. Therefore, when Lennie dreams of killing anything which is soft, he reacts differently when Curley’s wife offers to allow him to stoke her hair. People’s dreams create the underlying factors that dictate their perception and way of thinking. Such kind of process also ensures that the people are likely to be affected by their own working style.

代写论文的网站 :梦想是人生活的主要驱动力

In the similar way, it can be suggested that when people are influenced by their style of thinking, dreams impact the aspirations of the people. The management of the aspirations of the people is created on the basis of the entire range of dreams which such people are likely to have. When people have strong presence of dream, it becomes the source of large amount of aspirations. Such aspirations become the developmental factor for pushing the human beings to accept newer forms of targets in life. In other ways, it can be said that the dreams of people make them move towards their targets.
Ultimately, dreams guide all actions, emotions and feelings of men and women. What has been seen in the case of the character of the story truly confirms the notion. When dreams are allowed to be developed within individuals, they become the source of proper handling and management of the working of the people. They assess and react to their immediate environment with the perceptions that have been developed on the basis of their dreams. As such dreams happen to become the main driving force in a person’s life.