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  本篇代寫論文費用-玻璃纖維增強聚合物讲了玻璃纖維增強聚合物GFRP,因爲它提出了許多相同的優勢,也注意到的情況下,碳纖維。它能承受大部分混凝土結構的破壞狀態,與CFRP相似,它也能給結構帶來更好的強度,可以與之一起使用。玻璃纖維的抗拉強度遠遠大於鋼,但其重量約爲鋼的四分之一。它不導電,也不導熱。本篇代寫論文費用文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

  Glass fibre reinforced Polymer GFRP as it is presented carries many of the same advantages that are also noted in the case of CFRP. It is able to stand much of the failure states of concrete structures, and similar to CFRP, it is also able to bring better strength to the structures that it might be used with. The tensile strength of the Fiberglass is much greater than the steel but its weight is around a fourth of the steel. It is electrically non-conductive and is also thermally non-conductive as well. The electrical non conductivity property is one of the main reasons that GFRP might not be preferred in some situations. In most of the manufacturing and utility industries, it is observed that people come into contact with high risk situations where they might be able to get electrocuted if they were to make use of materials with carbon fibers. The use of the glass fibers reduces this risk multifold. Tensile modulus properties are usually drawn according to the ASTM standard; the scope of the stress-strain curve is seen to be extrapolated here as the area calculations show that for nominal cross sections areas the benefits hold. Material cert tests and traceability tests are also used here a lot for assessment of the material. Some of the more key characteristics seen with respect to the material are as follows.

  Primarily, the bonding nature of these materials is seen to make it a good fit for use in cement surfaces, for use in increasing concrete tensile strengths along with steel, etc. In topology optimization, once again similar to CFRP, the strength, the low level of density and the form of tensile stresses that this material withstands is one of the key reasons why the material is growing in popularity. However, as is the case of with CFRP, it could be said that the GFRP also has some issues and this has to be discussed in context with discussing optimization as well. Durability of the element was one of the main concerns in the case of Glass FRP. The Glass FRP is seen to be made of materials that are of easy degradation, too.