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交通設施大大改善:由於良好的交通系統是東道國的基本需要,因此適當投資於改善東道國的交通系統。這不僅有利於遊客,也有利於該國的當地居民(Escobal and Ponce, 2011)。

代寫論文 :基礎設施投資的優勢



代寫論文 :基礎設施投資的優勢

A legacy of improved Sporting venues: By organizing mega event, host country makes investment in development of facilities like development of playground or establishment of legal status. The local residents of the country enjoy well built and properly equipped sport venues.
Greatly improved transportation facilities: Since a sound transportation system is a basic necessity of the hosting country, proper investment is made on improving the transportation system of the country. This not only benefits the visitors but also the local residents of the country (Escobal and Ponce, 2011).

代寫論文 :基礎設施投資的優勢

Converting Olympic Villages into affordable housing: For the purpose of conducting Olympic Games in a city or country, they are required to build sufficient no of accommodation facilities. These accommodation facilities build for the game can be later used as affordable housing for local people or citizen of host country or city.
Highly advanced healthcare facilities: The build-up of efficient healthcare for participants and visitors brings great rewards in the long run. These new clinics, hospitals etc. help in bringing a great change in the healthcare system of the whole country.