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  本篇代写论文价格-澳大利亚的气候变化讲了澳大利亚在全国范围内面临明显的气温升高,尤其是在沿海地区(澳大利亚政府,2015年)。对于这个四面环水的大岛来说,这是一个重大的问题。随着时间的推移,海平面的上升或沿海地区的温度升高将使生活条件变得非常困难,当它与海平面上升相关时,几乎所有沿海地区都将变得适合居住。这可能导致严重的经济和社会问题的公民和政府结合。在这种情况下,该国可能面临严重的财政短缺,因为大多数财政将被用于重新安置和重新定居活动。澳大利亚的许多城市都位于沿海地区,它们在基础设施建设上投入了大量的政府资金。当沿海温度上升到无法控制的程度时,这些基础设施就会直接受到威胁。成本简直是无法想象的,而且可能没有任何机会扭转或减轻影响。本篇代写论文价格文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Australia faces significant temperature increase across the country, especially at the coastal areas (Australian Government, 2015). This is a significant problem for the nation which is a large island and is surrounded on all sides by water. Increasing sea level or coastal region temperatures would make living conditions very difficult over time and when it is associated with rise in seal level, almost all coastal regions would be rendered inhabitable. This can cause serious economic and social issues for the citizens and the government combined. The country could face serious financial shortage in such times when most of its finances would be required in relocating and re-habitation activities. Many Australian cities are located on the coast and have invested enormous amounts of government funds into built infrastructure. This infrastructure is directly at threat when coastal temperatures rise to an unmanageable extent. The costs are simply unimaginable and there may not be any chance left to reverse or mitigate the impacts.

  Solution 2

  The primary solution that lies within grasp is the local councils and the government’s land planning agency that are directly involved in designing, zoning, and earmarking future developments. The designs of land zoning must be adapted in a manner that does not contribute to uncertainties in times of immediate evacuation and emergencies. When living besides coasts comes with a prefix of specific but stringent rules, it may make living on the coasts more disciplined and environment friendly. Responsible citizenship is a crucial essentiality in the country where climate change impacts are expected to create more damage than assumed (Exxon Mobil, 2014). The citizens must be made aware of the challenges associated with coastal living and threat of disasters that could befall on them, requiring them to evacuate in a short period.