Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文價格-事件營銷的概念講了Martensen等人(2007)曾討論過,事件營銷作爲一種有效的促銷催化劑,已經越來越受歡迎。事件營銷完全不同於一般的營銷過程,遵循的任何產品或服務的營銷。與傳統的營銷傳播工具不同,事件營銷側重於明確的目標受衆,通過雙向傳播,公司可以有效地推廣自己的產品和服務。本篇代寫論文價格文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Event marketing concept

  Martensen et al. (2007) have discussed that the event marketing has been growing its popularity as an effective promotion catalyst. Event marketing is completely a different aspect from the generic marketing process, followed for the marketing of any product or service. Unlike traditional marketing communication tools, event marketing focuses on sharply defined target audience in order to conduct two-way communication through which company can promote their products and services effectively. Some of the factors that influence the growth of event marketing include the enhancing corporate disillusionment with traditional media platform because of increased clutter, increasing costs and reduced effectiveness. With the help of event marketing, the organisation can break through the advertising mess, and focuses on a specific target audience in order toemphasise on the product and service promotion resulting expanding sales.

  According to the analysis conducted by Preston (2012), event marketing has several beneficial aspects for the organisations such as brand building, developing the corporate image, focusing on the target market, implementing a marketing plan. In Australia, a number of event management organisations arrange different types of events ranging from concert events to theatre production for their clients. For example, Rock City Event Marketing organises various events for its clients. In today’s competitive business world, events are not limited to a few specific products and markets. Zarantonello and Schmitt (2013) have analysed that the event marketing has been gaining its popularity in long-term humanising of businesses and image building of corporate.