Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文-羅斯汽車旅館講了以羅斯汽車旅館爲例,目標通常是家庭。很多討論都是基於這個類比的。新西蘭被認爲是年輕的發達國家之一。25歲以下的人約佔34%。50歲以下的工作人口約佔40%。其餘的人口是50歲以上的人。研究發現,這一類人佔36%。這36%經常被忽視。目前,千禧一代負債累累,人們希望在當前的動態中生存(Gronroos, 2011)。他們正努力償還債務和滿足家庭需要。本篇代寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Demographic and Geographical segmentation

  In the case of the Ross Motel, the people who are targeted are typically families. There are a lot of discussions that are done based on this analogy. New Zealand is considered to be one of the young developed nations. The people below the age of 25 are found to constitute about 34%. The working population below the age of 50 is around 40%. The rest of the demography is the people above the age of 50. It is found that this group of people is the 36%. This 36% is often an overlooked percentage. Currently, the millennial population has a lot of debts and the people want to survive in the current dynamics (Grönroos, 2011). They are trying to meet their debt and their family demands. The young families typically take a vacation once or twice a year. The senior in the population often has met their demands that are needed. They have higher access to the disposable income. After retirement, they are typically looking for newer age recreational activities. The upper middle class groups of people try to look for newer experience and are very tech savvy irrespective of the age. They have access to the social media portals to gain insights about the peer reviews. There is the need for this group to have a regular brick and mortar places and online details. This group of people are looking for newer experiences. They are the overlooked demography. The companies often allude that the millennial population are the risk takers. However, the senior population is overlooked and there are not many appropriate communications to interact with these groups of people.

  According to the latest projects, the population over 65 is expected to rise. There has been the increase of 100,000 people. By the year 2051, it is estimated that 1.143 million people would be in New Zealand who would be in the senior category. This is expected to constitute about a major chunk of the population (Kelsey, 2015). The baby boomers are also ageing along with the millennial population. There are many people in the geographical distribution of the older people who are below the age of 65. This is a highly-urbanized group of people. The people in New Zealand are found to be typically connected with technology and are willing to spend for newer experiences.