Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文-商業模擬講了在過去有大量的研究在商業模擬。重要的是要評估是否需要進行良好的創業教育,包括實驗和動手學習。讓人們直接參與進來,讓他們以有效的方式做出決定,處理風險和其他後果,解決一系列問題,從而創造一個豐富的學習環境。它是幫助人們實例化自己的事業的最重要的課程之一。本篇代寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Need for Business Simulation

  In the past there has been a large amount of research in the business simulations. It is important to evaluation the need to have a good entrepreneurial education including the both experimental and hands on learning. Having a direct engagement of the people in such a manner that they take decisions in an effective manner, deal with risk and the other consequences and solve a number of problems which leads to the creation of a rich environment for learning. It is one of the most important courses which helps the people to instantiate their own business. With the help of SIMVenture the people can easily create a virtual company and can easily deal with each and every decision and the required consequences which are linked to the consequences which are associated with the learning experience. This software can be easily used by the people in a number of ways with the help of which they can easily gain good amount of business knowledge. It is a virtual reality platform which provides a complete and an authentic experience for the purpose of learning. It is important software as it helps in the creation of a good and an authentic experience for the people. With the help of Simulation software the people can be engaged in the process of learning so they can easily learn on their own. As per the research conducted by a number of on-line surveys it has been found that there are over 70 % of the total respondents who have agreed that with the help of business the people can have a better knowledge of the subject and more than 60 % of the people have also agreed to the fact that the process of learning has been enhanced with the help of the same and the people are able to learn in a quick manner.

  Thus, it can be assumed that Simventure helps to provide a good and a quick learning experience. Generally SimVenture focuses on first three years of the business and deals with the issues which are to be faced by an entrepreneur who want to work over a business from the very basic. It offers a pool of information which is called as scenarios in which the people come across different business situations. The people who participate in SimVenture goes through a number of experience related to learning such as business start up, cash flows, crises situations and the conditions of pain. Thus, it makes the participant aware about the different parts of a business. It is a kind of software simulation which can be used by the people on their own.