Assignment First

  本篇代写论文-Taco Bell讲了这项工作主要发现彻底的案件和问题塔可钟在过去已经存在。主要的问题是用于食物准备的设备,服务顾客的时间,如何实现一致的份额,从而实现产品质量的整体一致性等。然而,Taco Bell已经解决了这些问题中的大部分,并在服务客户的时间、客户的成本和客户的质量一致性方面显示了很高的操作效率。本篇代写论文文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  This work primarily found out thorough the case and the issues for Taco Bell have existed in the past. Primarily the issues in terms of the equipment used for food preparation, the time to serve customer, issues in terms of how to achieve consistent portions so as to achieve overall consistency in quality of product etc have been present. However, Taco Bell has worked on most of these issues and shown much operational efficiency in terms of time to service customer, the costs to customer and the consistency of quality to customer.

  An analysis of existing research studies on the subject of operational efficiency also indicates that taco Bell has indeed managed to adhere to some of the best principles in operational management. Unlike other restaurants, it chooses to reward customers based on their failure in operational objectives, Taco Bell follows a very proactive policy and it aims at ensuring that its employees are well streamlined to the system from the beginning. Sustainability initiatives in the form of energy saving are already followed by Taco Bell. By focusing on energy saving as something that is done for the purpose of the environment and not for the purpose of productivity alone would help taco bell in overcoming the more common fault that other businesses end up in.

  If Taco bell was to focus on some of its existing improvements and continue to implement a measurement method for operational efficiencies, then it could be able to sustain as a leader in the fast food chain. Customer expects restaurants to deliver their premised consistency, and Taco Bell has managed to do that in the past. Given uncertainty and demand in market conditions, if Taco Bell was to keep up its quality and services to customer, then it could be able to have a loyal customer segment as well.


  Taco bell started off as a restaurant kitchen in California. They took after the design of McDonald’s and in doing so faced its first operational issue of unsuitable equipment. This could have hindered its performance negatively. In making the switch to innovative and energy saving equipment that was customized to its own proper needs, Taco bell was able to save operational energy, save on operational costs, improve consistency of product and service to customer and reduce costs of product to the customer.

  The work discussed these three operational issues of Taco Bell, critically analysing them with existing research works. It was identified, that there are some issues in terms of measurement systems and temporary strategies that could be rectified for Taco Bell. As will all major restaurants, some of successes in operational efficiency must not be considered as Taco Bell as being a permanent success. It should work on operational efficiency measurement methods instead that would help it in sustaining its success in the long run.