Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文-網絡廣告的重要性講了我們必須從顯示每天使用互聯網的人數的數據開始。據互聯網世界統計,7,340,093,980人中有3,611,375,813人使用互聯網,接近50%,2000-2016年增長率爲900.4% (Harvell, 2012)。這僅僅意味着接觸互聯網及其內容的人數在日益增加。這是看到廣告的人數與看到數字媒體的人數成正比。本篇代寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Much of Facebook’s revenue (like many other leading sites such as Google and Yahoo) comes from advertising. Supported by additional evidence from outside of the case, do you think web advertising is effective in engaging consumers?

  One of the first and main methods of earning revenue by Facebook is through advertisements, which also stands true for other websites. The question here remains whether the advertisements online are effective in engaging customers?

  In order to answer this question, one must begin with the data which shows the number of people who use the internet every day. According to Internet World Statistics 3,611,375,813 people out of 7,340,093,980 use the internet, which is nearly 50 %, the growth rate being 900.4% from 2000-2016 (Harvell, 2012). This simply means that the number of people who are exposed to internet and its content are increasing day by day. It’s a direct proportion between the number of people who would see the advertisements and the ones who would see digital media.

  The above given picture shows a steady increase in the number of people who view online advertisements compared to the fall of printed advertisements which have taken place over the years (Dunay and Krueger, 2010).

  With the increase in competition in the different sectors, there is a need of effective advertisement, which would reach out to the maximum number of people and influence their taste and preference and at the given point of time internet is quite powerful. It is safe to say that web advertisements are effective in engaging customers as compared to other forms of advertisements because:

  The number of people using the web is high and is increasing steadily on an everyday basis.

  Web advertisements are direct response advertisements which go down well with general customers and public.

  Personalised and customised advertisement option is available on the web which is cheaper and more convenient than the other forms of advertisements (Abram and Pearlman, 2010).

  The interaction between the consumer and the producer is enhanced and therefore this interaction enhances the objectives which advertisements have in the first place.

  Whether online or offline these advertisements keep working unlike other sources.

  Social media and internet is also engaging and acting highly personal for the consumers who use the same for viewing the products sold. People want to interact with people who are selling the products and not the brands to know actually what they are buying. This is only provided when the advertisement is on the web.

  Thus, it can say that web advertisements engage more customers than any other forms of advertisement.