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代写论文网 :英国报纸出版吸引读者的策略

报纸有必要从根本上从印刷版转向网络版。管理层还必须认识到,只有有效利用互联网,公司才能实现未来的增长和可持续发展。正如Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯格所承认的那样,越来越多的人喜欢使用网络媒介,因为它是一种更有效的做事方式(Cassidy, 2006)。竞争对手24小时在线发布新闻片段,只能由报社自己主动处理。这种新型出版方式的创收可以通过出售用户在线注册吸收的信息来实现。

一些学者和专家认为,为了一个稳定和富有成效的未来,重点必须放在利用资源开发更高的技术,供报纸利用,而不是仅仅集中在确保利润率(Frye, 2006)。报纸内容的出版取决于读者最感兴趣的话题和领域。由于互联网使信息的分发变得非常容易和有效,许多评论家建议,印刷媒体可能面临着严峻的挑战,在保护他们的编辑自由,同时寻求吸引在线读者的注意(埃弗雷特,2011)。然而,报纸的未来可以通过使用升级的技术来保障(Mitchelstein & Boczkowski, 2010)。

代写论文网 :英国报纸出版吸引读者的策略

The similar strategies, like those of UK, could be used in Australia for ensuring the sustainable share in the media consumption of the country. Rather than merely focusing on consumerism and attracting readers, newspapers could be more content and agenda driven, thereby making readers to follow it. It is highly essential for the very survival of the traditional print media to make readers aware of the benefits of physical form of newspapers and magazines. However, for the survival of the media companies, it would be a wise move to establish the electronic versions of their newspapers and magazines and try to attract the readership for those. Setting up of the newspapers websites and making people follow them are also one of the modern ways of publishing and gaining readership.

代写论文网 :英国报纸出版吸引读者的策略

It is necessary for the newspaper to fundamentally switch from just the printed version to online versions. The management must also recognise that the future growth and sustainability of the company would only come through effective use of Internet. As acknowledged by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg that more people prefer using the online medium since it is much more efficient way of getting things done (Cassidy, 2006). The publishing of news snippets on online by competitors on a 24-hour basis can only be handled by the newspaper agencies by being proactive themselves. The income generation from this new style of publishing can be done by selling information assimilated by online registration by the users.
According to some scholars and experts, for a stable and fruitful future, the emphasis must be given on using the resources for development of higher technologies for the newspapers to utilize rather than just for focusing on securing the profit margins (Frye, 2006). The publishing of newspaper contents is dependent on the topics and fields that mostly interest the readers. As the internet makes it very easy and effective to dispense information, many critics recommended that the print media might face severe challenges in protecting their editorial freedom along with seeking to attract the attention of the online readers (Everett, 2011). Nevertheless, the future of the newspapers could be secured by using the upgraded technologies (Mitchelstein & Boczkowski, 2010).