Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文-亞太地區的力量平衡討論了有兩種主要的以國際關係爲基礎的思想流派,包括現實主義和自由主義。現實主義認爲,國家內部的整個關係體系是以實力、實力、地緣戰略、地緣政治等因素爲基礎的,並以地區大國之間的力量對比爲基礎。另一方面,自由主義關注其他問題或因素,例如經濟的相互依賴、基於實力的軟資源、國際機構的作用以及多邊主義。Grerard等人(2010)認爲,由於大國政策和大國之間的關係受到全球事務的影響,現實主義具有更多的主導理論傳統,可以認爲有幾種方法可以作爲補充(Aqorau, 2014,第52-75頁)。此外,如果大國不參加,區域機構和多邊機構就沒有能力運作。本篇代寫論文文章由加拿大第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Understanding Balance of power in Asia Pacific region

  Generally, there exist 2 main international relations based schools of thought inclusive of realism and liberalism. According to Realism, the whole system of relations within states has its basis on criteria’s, for example, strength, power, geo-strategy, geo-politics and the forces correlation especially between the Greater powers in the region. On the other hand, liberalism focuses on other concerns or factors, for example, interdependency of economy, power based soft sources and International institutions role along with multilateralism. In accordance to several researchers such as Grerard, (2010), there are several approaches that can be regarded as supplementary but realism has more theoretical tradition of dominance as the Great power nations policies and the relations between then have been impacted through global affairs (Aqorau, 2014, pp. 52-75). The regional institutions and the multilateral ones, moreover, do not have the ability of functioning when the Great powers are not participating (Aqorau, 2014, pp. 52-75).

  The balance of power related theory is concerned with realism and this remains as the most essential framework to understand International relations (Herr et al, 2011). The balance of power concept traditionally has been applied for explaining the states based actions within an environment of insecurity. Firstly, this system was formed and a chance was given for its operationalization among ancient Greece and Renaissance Italy city states (Hiebert et al, 2012). Such a theory is widely considered application even though there is considerable debate existing on it.

  Balance of power furthermore is regarded as the common concept in relations among states. Balance of power related modern theory is related to the equilibrium universe Newtonian conception. The essence of this theory lies in the fact that when circumstances are normal, every state looks at maximizing the power and global positions by several methods and processes and due to the invisible hand adjustments, there is no one profit related hegemony and an international relation systems equilibrium thus has been maintained (Haywood-Jones, 2013). Such a definition provides further suggestion that a mechanism wherein an attempt is made by a state for expanding its strength and hence power along with attaining hegemony in turn helps the state to impose its desire on the related states that are in competition with it and these states might resist the power expansion (Herr et al, 2011). Therefore, no state is in a position that helps it to determine others fate.