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AIDA is by itself one of the more traditional frameworks towards understanding marketing. In AIDA, each of the letters stands or some aspect that the marketer must understand is about the consumer.
is a stand for attention or awareness. A product per-traditional marketing theory is assumed to be that it inspires attention. Only when a person’s attention with respect to a product is met, then the person would become aware of it, would either seek information on it or be interested in buying it.
I stands for the interest element in marketing. Per I, the interest of the consumer must be raised. The interests of consumers must be focused on hence by a marketer. The form of advantages and the benefits for consumers are identified per the AIDA model.


D stands to represent the elements of desire. An advertisement or market for a product or process should be that it raises the desire of the consumer towards buying the product. The consumer should be interested and should desire to possess the product. This aspect of AIDA indicates the sense of ownership that is present with buying a product and how marketers would take advantage of this aspect to reformulate marketing.
The final A presents how consumer would act based on marketing. Marketing messages must be so constructed that the consumer acts towards owning the product.