Assignment First

  本篇代写论文-营销和公关计划讲了营销和公关计划是为汤斯维尔150周年庆典准备的。庆祝活动是为了纪念汤斯维尔被宣布为直辖市。这次活动的目标观众是当地的汤斯维尔社区。当地社区包括已经在那里生活了五代人的人,当地人,甚至是刚搬到汤斯维尔的人。本篇代写论文文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The marketing and PR plan is prepared for the Townsville 150th celebrations. The celebrations commemorate Townsville being declared as a municipality.

  Know your audience

  The audience for whom the event is being planned for are the local community of Townsville. The local community is inclusive of people who have been living there for five generations, locals and even people who have just moved into Townsville. The demography of Townsville is a very diverse one. Townsville has a population of 190000 as of 2014. The city has around 43 suburbs as well, both urban and rural. The male to female ratio is the same, with around a median age of 33 years. Around 44 percent of the population has married. Almost 87.5 percent of the population of Townsville speak English in their homes. There are 1.4-million visitors per day in North Queensland (North Queensland, 2016).

  In terms of demographics, the target market is:

  The families within the community who are registered with the community council.

  Single working population

  Fifth-generation families with children living outside the community

  People who speak English, or at least understand the language

  In terms of interests:

  People who are interested in developing the community

  People who are interested in knowing their family roots in the community

  People who are interested in their heritage

  People who want to understand community development plans for Townsville

  A very diverse population is present in Townsville and hence planning has to be done accordingly.