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  本篇代写论文-越南战争的影响讲了越南战争影响深远。这是最严重的战争,夺去了200多万人的生命。这其中也包括大约两百万平民。大约有三百万人在战争中受伤。战争给成千上万的儿童留下了巨大的影响,他们成了孤儿。在1965年至1973年期间,美军在越南投放了约800万吨炸弹。因为战争,越南的基础设施被完全摧毁了。本篇代写论文文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Influences of Vietnamese war

  The Vietnam War had a long lasting influence. It was the worst war and took more than 2 million lives. This also included around two million civilians. Around 3 million people were wounded in the war. The war left a great impact on hundreds and thousands of young children who became orphans. During the times of 1965 and 1973, the US Army dropped around 8 million ton of bombs in Vietnam. Because of the war, the infrastructure of Vietnam had been completely devastated. In the south of Vietnam, the US army dropped around 20 million gallons of Herbicides from 1962 to 1971. This was mostly done in the northern part of Saigon and also in the regions of Laos and Cambodia. This was done in order to reduce the dense forest which may have the Viet Cong. This destroyed the complete forests in the country. The crops which could be used by the people were destroyed. In 1969, in a single year, around 1034000 hectares of forest were destroyed. After the programs related to the fall of Saigon, some of the communists began to operate the different kinds of re-education programs under which they captured a large number of people from South Vietnam, for organizing the re-education camps and other new economic zones. They also forced them to do a number of harsh works. The actions which had been implemented by them led to the hatred amidst the people who were there in Northern and Southern part of Vietnam. The war also led to the death of around 200,000 to 400,000 people on the sea. The influence of the war was so bad that in spite of passing of few decades, the Vietnam can’t become a developed nation.

  On the other side, there had been more than 58000 soldiers who died, while around 150000 people were injured. In addition to this, as per the newsletter by Indo China, the government of US spent a huge sum of around $350 billion to $900 billion on the entire Vietnam War. This included the benefits and interests which lead to a huge burden on the overall economy of the nation. Other than this, there were a number of negative influences on the people of Vietnam. The news related to some of the atrocities including the My Lai Massacre led to the great question regarding the moral superiority of the US and the status as the defender of the freedom and fight of the world. This war also had a far reaching influence on USA as it led to the weakening of the faith and confidence of the people in their governments. In fact, the people of USA had a widespread public distrust of the government. The people of US had disbelief on the military. This war also left a long lasting impact on the veteran people who had fought very hardly in the war. As a result of the influence, around 700000 people suffered a number of psychological after effects.