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  本篇代写-O2O商业模式讲了O2O为实体零售和网店之间带来了更多的机会。O2O模式的核心是通过多平台实现线上线下的结合。它可以通过提供在线产品信息、优质服务和折扣优惠,将在线客户带入实体零售。换句话说,顾客将通过在线支付购买产品和服务。之后,他们可以在实体店享受真正的服务和产品。O2O模式以相同的价格整合线上线下资源。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  In 2015, Zhong Cheng had conducted research indicates that distribution in china trend to online and offline integrations (Zhong Cheng 2011). Customers can enjoin both convenient and efficient E-shop transaction and quality services in physical store.

  O2O brings the more opportunity for between physical retail and online shop. The core of the O2O model is that combining the online with offline via multi-platform. It can bring the online customer to physical retail through providing online information of products, quality service, and discount offer. In other words, customers will buy products & service via online payment. Afterwards, they can enjoy the real service & product in physical stores. The Same price is provided by O2O model to integrate resource between online and offline (Jing, 2015).

  Some companies have been competing in O2O development to obtain the greater competitive advantage. Sunning Commerce Group as a pioneer has been exploring O2O model from 2013. The online shops are combined with physical retail (online & offline) to boost service quality & customer experience. (Bing Rong et al., 2014)