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  本篇代写-OUTAHR ventures的商业报告讲了在这个案例中,国际投资者OUTAHR ventures需要面对的业务挑战是巴基斯坦的地理限制、文化限制和基础设施限制。尽管这个国家已经取得了很大的进步,但是一个强有力的基础设施建设还没有在这个国家发生。说英语的人口正在增加;语言障碍对巴基斯坦说英语的国家来说不是问题。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Australian companies on the other hand have a different set of employee work culture. It has a multi ethnic work force. There are diverse workers from across the spectrum. The number of women employees is higher in Australia. There is more emphasis given to the mentoring of the employees (Pulendran, Speed, and Widing, 2000). Apart from tangible asset, the organizations in Australia give importance to the emotions of the employee (Cooper, 2000). There is more focus directed towards the employee growth. Corporations take the initiatives to align company objectives and employee objectives (Pulendran, Speed, and Widing, 2000). Pakistan on the other hand has a homogenous work force. Culturally, the country has a number of strict mandated culture codes and is essentially paternalistic in nature.

  It has been found that Australians take strong interest in environmental issues and to develop sustainable practices. They take avid interest in connecting with the local communities. These community development programs can increase brand equity of the company. Subsequent to these operations, Pakistani employee will feel more connected with the Australian counterparts. Pakistani workers are diligent workers who have technical knowledge of the operations (Cai, and Fink 2002). They will perfectly complement the Australian culture if there is an effective strategy to overcome some of the obvious impediments.

  On applying Hofestede culture model theorem following derivations can be generated. Power distance index and indulgence factor is found to be higher among Australians. There is more importance given to indulgence of the employee, and the worker hours are comparatively shorter. Individualism factor is high in this country. Nevertheless, it is found to be very low score in Pakistan (Hofstede, 2011). Pakistan employees prefer to avoid uncertainty and give emphasis to the long-term orientation of the employees.

  Some of the similarities between Pakistan companies and Australian companies are as follows (Samovar Porter and McDaniel, 2009). Employees of both these nations perform when the company genuinely cares for their welfare. Both these countries work on emotional connectivity with the company.

  Even though there is a cultural difference, an efficient strategy can be developed (Samovar Porter and McDaniel, 2009).

  Operational challenges for a company operating oversees are geography, cultural difference, and language change and infrastructure issue. Operational challenges that an international investor in this case OUTAHR ventures need to face are geographical limitation, cultural limitations and infrastructure limitation of Pakistan. Even though there has been great progress in the country, a strong infrastructure development is yet to happen in the country. English speaking population is on the rise; language barriers will not be an issue for an English speaking country in Pakistan.

  One of the primary mandates for a global management virtual team is to establish trust. There is basic level of trust that is required in the case of smooth functioning of the virtual teams (Deshpandé, and Farley, 2004). Effective communication is maintained in successful teams. It is imperative for the companies to develop a cohesive communication that effectively communicates its need to the stakeholders of the operation.