Assignment First

  本篇代写-企业的经营策略讲了关于酒店和旅游管理的。因此,布里斯班有两大酒店行业占主导地位:索菲特酒店和普尔曼酒店。报告对这两家酒店的经营策略进行了讨论,并对它们的策略进行了比较。本篇代写文章由加拿大第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Due to globalization and the introduction of advanced technologies, the perception of the business world has been changed in revolutionized way. The globalization presents extensive opportunities to the business organizations to extend their operation across the globe. Moreover, the advanced technologies also facilitate the business organization to improve the efficiency of the operational activities of the organization. These latest technologies support in improving the accuracy and efficiency of the business activities and reducing the time for the activities (Appannaiah and Reddy, 2010). However, at the same time these factors influence the market. Hence, the competition in the market has been increased inevitably. To grab the business prospects and opportunities all the business organizations irrespective of a global organization, domestic organization and the new entrants are combating with each other. Thus, to survive as well as to make further development the entire organizations are trying to develop most effective business strategies. In this matter marketing mix is an efficient strategy that helps in devising the product, price, place and promotion plan for the company. The growth of hospitality industry is widely evident in this situation. The report is one the hospitality and tourism management. For this reason there is two dominant hotel industries in Brisbane: Sofitel and Pullman. The report presents a discussion about the business strategies of these two hotels and also presents a comparison of their strategies.

  Description of the business

  The Pullman hotel which is located in the heart of Brisbane is illustrating the contemporary 5-star hotel in Brisbane. It also offers the guests with a wide range of the luxury accommodation options. These luxury accommodations presented to guests are indicated in the form of providing the selection options which is lying between the 210, five-star luxury guestrooms and Mercury tower with 228, four-star hotel rooms. Since the venue is at the heart of the Brisbane, it is illustrating the most gorgeous feature for attracting the guests to their hotels. And also the growth of this business of Pullman can be easily illustrated. The hotel also is explained to be providing the conference facilities in Brisbane. It comprises of an impressive setting for hosting about 1000 delegates in the meeting hall. It can be able to present the delegates with the luxury services by facilitating them with the conference room facilities (Bowman and Gatignon, 2010). The hotel also comprises of other fruitful options which seem to be enable of holding of corporate meetings. The social events with celebrations can also be conducted in a luxurious way. This hotel represents the state of the art technology of traditional times which is boosting the hotel business.