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企业对政府的要求或愿望是一个被广泛讨论的概念。企业有不同的需求和要求。另一方面,政府有义务帮助这些企业成长,并促进它们与任何一个国家的整体经济增长相结合。关于政府的优先事项,英国的首席执行官们与国际上的同行们非常一致,他们建立了一个全球高效且具有竞争力的税收体系,拥有一支适应力强的熟练劳动力队伍,以及良好的数字化和实体基础设施。这是英国机构在其政府关注名单上的首要事项。根据Krames et al(2002),以下是政府确定的英国企业的一些业务需求:






代写书稿 :企业想从政府那里得到什么?

The notion of what businesses require or desire from their governments is one which is much discussed. Businesses have diverse needs and requirements. Governments on the other hand are obligated to help these businesses grow and foster to add up to the economic growth of any nation on the whole. With regard to the government priorities, the CEOs in UK are very much in alignment with their international counterparts by placing a globally efficient and competitive system of tax, a skilled workforce that is properly adaptable and good infrastructure digitally and physically. This is what UK institutions keep at the top of their government attention with list. According to Krames et al (2002), the following are some of the identified business needs of businesses in UK from the government:
Provision of making bold moves for creating a growth platform that focuses over investment in essential infrastructure levers. This is specifically essential for transportation and housing which in turn are strong confidence and productivity of economy indicators.
To be able to work better across boundaries for reducing the uncertainty geopolitically hinders the motivation to make investment. It is intriguing that approximately 80 percent of CEOs in UK are stressed over the uncertainty geopolitically while 70 percent have concern related to the fiscal deficit response for coalition and burden for debt.
Business collaboration for tackling the over regulation burdens is another desire of businesses. As a matter of fact, the list is topped with business threats with regard to regulation that have been cited by 9 out of 10 CEOs from UK as an essential concern. This concern is more acute especially in comparison to other nations
To have the ability of increased productivity and operation transformation to further be able to take complete benefit of the created opportunities through digital technology such as done by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
To attain commitment for a renewed focus over fiscal balance achievement with key highlight over sustainable reduction of cost. This is essential to deliver government affordability which does not hamstrung through deficit of any kind and debt.