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代写书稿 :吸引读者阅读出版报纸的策略分析


代写书稿 :吸引读者阅读出版报纸的策略分析

Newspapers across the world have faced stiff challenge from electronic media. Internet has the most adverse effect as readership has fallen at a greater rate with the advent of internet. The newspapers focus primarily on readership as online readership is associated with two things i.e. online customers will remain low and online viewership is the extension of print circulation. However steps have to be taken to increase readership of physical newspapers.
It is also important that attracting readers is also dependent on the product or consumer category. For example the New Yorker magazine had developed strategy to attract visitors on website and offered them subscription of magazine. The company has been able to increase the number of subscriptions. The basic for this is that the target customer of the company is easily accessible. However such strategies to lure customers may be adopted by companies to bring the customers to the physical newspapers as well.

代写书稿 :吸引读者阅读出版报纸的策略分析

The studies have highlighted that the content in published newspaper has to undergo revolution rather than evolution. This is to say that presentation of the content may be changed in order to attract more customers. As a result, the newspapers are not able to identify new opportunities that come up. The traditional published newspaper will also have to align in accordance with the competencies. Along with this the customer habits and desires have to be studied that can enable the traditional newspaper publishing to market products related to core competencies. Working on such aspects can be quite beneficial for the published newspapers.